Tuesday, June 24, 2008

With Supporters Like These: Part I

Fascinating stuff from Tran Trong Duyet, who was in charge of the prison where McCain claims to have been tortured. Duyet says no torture took place, AND that he'd vote for McCain if he were elligible to do so.

No torture? How about "enhanced interrogation?" Did any of that happen? This story demonstrates one of two things, take your pick:

1) McCain is a liar. Defend him at your own peril.


2) Liars support McCain. Defend him at your own peril.


Rick Rottman said...

Tran Trong Duyet claims that NO American POW's were tortured. So if you believe him that McCain is lying, you have to believe that every single POW held at the Hanoi Hilton were lying about their time spent in the prison.

Jesse Jace said...

That's why I gave you two choices. I'm fair like that. Choice #2 is probably going to be the more popular. I should supplement it with "Some of McCain's most outspoken supporters are communists."

Rick Rottman said...

What are the chances that if he becomes the President, he will send out a squad of Delta Force operators to take out anyone who played a part in his captivity? How could he not?

I'd be looking for some old school payback if it was me.

I remember as a kid we had a guy from my home town that was a Vietnamese POW. They treated him like shit. They broke his arm and never set it correctly. When he was finally released (1974 I think), the town got together and bought him a new Corvette.

Jesse Jace said...

That occurred to me, too...but the article makes it sound like things are pretty civil between them these days. Or muted, at least.

A 'Vette for a vet! I like it. Good idea too, because if they hadn't, he might have started a one-man war against the sheriff and blown up a gas station.