Sunday, January 27, 2008

When There's No Room Left in Hell, My iPod Will Walk the Earth

iPods are like women: Can't live with 'em, can't prevent them from ultimately eating your entire music collection. My old, heavy-as-a-brick iPod, which had already died and resurrected itself once a year and a half ago, bought the farm for what I fear may be the final time this evening. And this time, it appears to have taken all 2,500 of my MP3s with it.

Funny, I was just thinking earlier this week about how I really should finish backing up my music collection. I started that process a long time ago, but only got through about letter G of the alphabet before becoming quite fed up with the hassle of it all. Tonight, while I was listening to "Junior Kickstart" by the Go! Team, my iPod started doing that "zzzzz, click" thing it likes to do when it wants to be contrary. As per the usual, I attempted to break the "zzzzz, click" cycle with a force-restart. In what was probably the biggest act of consumer electronics defiance I've ever witnessed, my iPod looked at me and said:

"Force-restart, huh? Guess what, buddy. I got your force-restart right here. Select language."

Just like that, my iPod had re-formatted itself, returned to factory setting and digested all my MP3 files.

The new iPod Touch is currently selling for less than what I paid for my first iPod. Do I really want to set myself up for more audio player drama?

That wasn't a rhetorical question. Please tell me whether I want to set myself up for more audio player drama.


butt? said...

j-man! start a revolution! Jump off the iPod ship and give something else a try. In my time (well, since the iPod came out) I've bought about 7 iPods (between myself and my girlfriend) and I've never been satisfied. I still have one of the bastards (a mini) kicking around, but it's been on it's last leg for about a year, I'm just waiting for it to completely die off, and to get my back pay (from the evil VONA corp) before I head out and buy me an iRiver, or one of the new sony walkmans, I'm done with iPod, they've got the cool style, and they were the first respectable mp3 player on the market, but buck the trend, be an adventurer and try something new!


carey said...

i agree--step away from the i-anything...Abbie gave us her old shuffle, and i've had more problems with that and getting it to interface with itunes than i have ever had with my Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Extra. that thing is built like a tank, and while the software is admittedly a little clunkier than itunes, it still WORKS.

Don't even get me started on the the problems my colleague continues to have with his iphone.


carey said...

interesting that I read this article the same day as your post:

Limo said...

Jesse, I think one of the main problems with high capacity MP3 players is the hard drive mechanism.

The iPod touch does work on solid-state tech 'flash-type' memory, so that is a positive in my view.

I'm not sure about other aspects of it though like build quality, and operating system etc.

I'm having the same dilemma as my ipod died months ago...though very occasionally it springs back to life teasing me with its former glory. 98% of the time, it ain't workin'.

Why not get a pair of Dada Code M's.

Rick said...

Isn't the music on your iPod just a mirror of the music you have on your computer? Do you keep it in a case? I keep mine in a silicone case and I think it cuts down on the vibration.

I love my Video iPod. If it died tomorrow, I would go out and buy an iPod Touch.

You should think about just replacing the hard drive. There are websites that sell every part needed to rebuild an iPod.

Avalanche said...

I have different ways to get your music back. Just email me if you need any help. at

Maethelwine said...

There may be ways to retrieve your MP3s, but you'll still need a new player. Step this way, my young friend.

Jesse Jace said...

"Isn't the music on your iPod just a mirror of the music you have on your computer?"

Well, it's a mirror of the music I used to have on my computer. I was pretty dumb to keep procrastinating on the back-up process. I'm sort of leaning toward the 16GB solid state Creative Zen player as a replacement (removable media is a big plus), but since so much of my music is gone now, there's really no rush to buy a new player just yet.

butt? said...

by the way Jesse, if you're interested, I live next door in Ota-ku (Yukigaya area) and have about 109Gbs of music and I'd be willing to bend some copyright laws if you'd like to "borrow" any of it to replace what you've lost. Don't know if any of it matches your criteria (no Police, sorry), but it's there!