Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bait and Switch

I was doing some research this evening about carry-on luggage restrictions (just a few days left before my first visit to the US in more than 18 months) and Google returned this amusing news hit:

As you can see, the headline regarding snakes on a plane is purple because I immediately clicked on it, hoping for a humorous attempt at shock journalism. I could hear the over-dynamic news reporter voice in my head saying, "Snakes On a Plane. You've seen the movie. But could it really happen? Don't miss our special report. It could save your life!"

Unfortunately, the link led to this article about snacks on a plane, not snakes.

It was a lesson in disappointment.

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1 comment:

elijah said...

The problem, Jesse, is that snakes are not naturally aggressive against commercial airline passenegers. You know how chilly it gets on those flights. Well, i did some research, and found it costs $US 250.00 to ship just ONE snake on a plane. That's a cold-blooded fact. I want you to keep that in mind next time you fly...