Thursday, October 13, 2005

Invetigation in Progress

As I mentioned earlier, I have to replace my laptop. The display issue continues to worsen. After making that earlier post about the problem, I went to Bic Camera to shop for a new Powerbook, only to discover that all the Powerbook models they sold were out of stock. I was told I would have to order one, and that it would take some time before Bic's supplier in Japan was restocked (so, apparently, every Bic Camera in Japan is currently out of Powerbooks).

Earlier this week, however, I wandered into the Bic store where I had placed my order and noticed, not without consternation, that the sign reading "out of stock" had disappeared. Had Bic Camera gotten a new shipment in without bothering to fill my order or tell me about it?

A bit of further investigation yielded an unlikely answer: Bic Camera was telling everyone who had ordered a Powerbook that there were rumors about the possible surprise release of updated Powerbooks and Powermacs on October 12 (or 13, Japan time), which is today. Rumors. I'm as surprised as anyone that Bic Camera, the electronics retail giant, would tell people to hold off on buying a new computer because they heard a rumor that a better computer might be coming out soon. Of course, I appreciate their concern; how much would it suck if I bought the machine and then the price went down a few days later as the result of a new release? But maybe someone should explain to them that rumors about Apple often prove false. And needless to say, after being told about this rumor I immediately checked for any evidence online, finding only this.

If Apple does surprise-release an updated Powerbook this week, I will make a retraction. Until then, I'm skeptical.

A Google search for the word "invetigation," as misspelled by Gareth Keenan in The Office, yields a surprising number of diverse hits. Life really does imitate art! Click here and see for yourself.

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