Friday, October 14, 2005

Better Than Cats

"Reach the stars, fly a fantasy / Dream a dream and what you see will be"
from the themesong to The Neverending Story

Bush holds fake rap session under pretense of candor

Disgusting, yes. The press has done a nice job of showing just how scripted Bush's little "conversation" with soldiers in Iraq Thursday really was. Highlights include an Iraqi soldier awkwardly giggling, "A ha ha ha. I like you. A ha ha ha ha," as Bush blushes and says something equally dumb in response ("I appreciate that," I believe it was).

Even more jaw-dropping: Rolly-polly press secretary Scott McClellan's reluctance to let go of the pretense that this exploitive photo-op was impromptu. He eventually did acknowledge the extensive preparations (in which deputy assistant defense secretary Allison Barber goes over what questions will be asked and who will answer what....all of which was inadvertantly recorded), but chalked those up to technical difficulties posed by satellite feeds.

Hey, Scott! "Lies that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds / There upon the rainbow is the answer to a neverending story." Dumbass.

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