Wednesday, January 06, 2016

YouTomb: Young Turks vs. boh3m3

On January 14, this blog will celebrate the 11th anniversary of its first post. Exactly one month later, YouTube will celebrate the 11th anniversary of its establishment (and it will be still two more months before the anniversary of its first video post).

Yes. Chorus, Isolate, Confirm is older than YouTube.

This gives me an idea for a new feature: a fond look back at YouTube videos and personalities of yore that stand the test of time (or don't). And I'm calling it YouTomb.

Way back in 2006, in a post called "Nobody cares why you tube," I gave my evaluation of an irritating video from an irritating user with the irritating handle "boh3m3." The video, now long gone, was a call to action inviting other YouTubers to prop a camera in front of their face and expound on their YouTubular motivations (I mean, other than the white-hot, blinding narcissism). One could argue that such a rallying cry constitutes terrorism.

Luckily I wasn't the only person who felt boh3m3's (god, it hurts just to type that bullshit) post warranted a swift tearing down, because along came Ben, Cenk and Jill, also known as the Young Turks.

I was a big Young Turks fan at the time. I even had a t-shirt. And I swear I didn't just follow them because Jill was a smirking goddess of political talk radio, although that helped.

Damn, girl, you got like DAAAAMN
The Turks' reaction to "Why do you tube" is still online, and still a source of that unique blend of anger and joy that only something fantastically awful can deliver.

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