Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patient Transfer

The cable that was supposed reach me ten days after yesterday was delivered this morning. Trying it out confirmed my suspicion: The problem is with my console proper, not with my cable. So now my only alternative is to send the Xbox 360 in to be repaired, which is also supposed to take ten days (and cost over ¥10,000). It's a bit spendy, but I've been told that doing so will also extend my warranty for an additional year from the time of the repairs.

After reading a lot of internet forum testimonials from people who partook of Microsoft's Xbox 360 repair services, I'm reassured that this won't be a waste of a hundred dollars (unless some cute intern falls in love with my Xbox, agrees to marry it and then cuts off its life support).

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Rick Rottman said...

Sorry to hear that your Xbox is sick. Couldn't you just buy a an Xbox 360 Arcade and move the hard drive over? If the repair is going to cost over $100, maybe it's something to think about.