Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to the Stage of History

There's a lot of buzz about Wii Fit these days (and the damn thing is sold out everywhere I go, which is making Christmas shopping for Girlfriend extra-tough). Apparently, the thing is really sensitive. When you stand on the Wii Fit pad and lean to one side, the Wii is capable of telling you that you're leaning to the side. Except....don't you already sort of know you're leaning to the side? Anyway.

Today, a slightly less "healthy" Wii product was released: Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur Legends, a hack-and-slash adventure title based on the Soulcalibur fighting game franchise. After playing it for about thirty minutes, I have the following observations:

  • The monsters in the game are a product of a force which the English-speaking narrator calls "the Evil Seed"...but the Japanese subtitles insist on calling it "Evil Sperm."
  • When you shake the Wii remote and nunchuck wildly to defeat enemies, the remote emits a series of swishing sounds that make me feel like Bruce Lee on crack.
  • The camera is about as easy to control as Bruce Lee on crack.
  • Ivy is pretty hot for a woman with white hair.

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drew said...

A recent GameInformer review said it best, in it's 4 out of 10 summary: "People like Soulcalibur. People like the Wii. This is how you take advantage of those people and betray their trust."