Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Is My DJ Name?

I was asked a couple weeks ago what my DJ name is. I answered, "I'm not a DJ." Nonetheless, my interrogator persisted with, "Yeah, but you have to have a DJ name anyway."

How do I determine my DJ name? Is it anything like figuring out your porn name (out of the question, by the way, since my porn name sounds distinctly female)?

I'm under the impression that about one out of every four people on earth is a DJ now (or at least claims to be), so all the cool DJ names must be taken. I'm going to have to stretch the limits of my creativity. Help me brainstorm, will you?

DJ Parking Meter
DJ Lasagna
DJ Broken Hip
DJ Pocari Sweat
DJ Sabre-Tooth Marmoset Deathtrap
DJ Magazine Subscription Card
DJ Ham Sandwich
DJ Transmission Fluid
DJ Leonard Nimoy

I'm off to a terrific start.


Chidori Ashi Kun said...

dj cic

LindseyKai said...

DJ Schmeejay

Chidori Ashi Kun said...

DJ Dungeon Maker

Jesse Jace said...

Portrait of a DJ?

drew said...

DJ Lobster Claw
DJ Elbow Macaroni
DJ Bobby Boucher (Jr.)

Jesse Jace said...

"DJ Dungeon Maker" is hard to beat......

Limo said...

DJ P-Sweat
DJ B-Hip
DJ Sabre TMD
DJ Ham-Sand
DJ L-Nim
I made some adjustments...Perhaps the comedy was lost but the cool factor doubled.

BTW Jesse... Would you know what the chances of getting 'GTA San Andreas' for a Jap'nese PS2, are like?