Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh Yama Gata

Last night two things happened:

1) I spotted "Powerful" Kana Oyama, remarkably tall star player of the Japan Women's Volleyball Team, outside Shimokitazawa Station. It was my first time to see a famous person "on the street" in Tokyo (something I'm sure would happen more often if I could recognize more Japanese celebrities). I might have had a chance to speak to her if it hadn't taken me so long to figure out why she looked so familiar.

2) Yamagata, my beloved betta, submitted to a terminal case of swim bladder disorder. At least that's what I, Dr. Jesse Jace Fish MD, think it was. He was found dead at the bottom of his aquarium around 9:30 Saturday morning. The memorial service was solemn and respectful, with a reverent toilet flush replacing the usual 21-gun salute.

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Chidori Ashi Kun said...


Rick said...

Hoe tall is she? Do they televise women's volleyball in Japan?

Sorry about the fish.

Jesse Jace said...

Yes, they televise both women's and men's on occasion. She is 187 cm tall (which is not monstrous, but a great deal taller than I thought she was from seeing her on TV).