Thursday, September 28, 2006

What I Did Today

My friend Monica recently recommended that I join yet another online journal community, citing the fact that Chorus, Isolate, Confirm does not offer enough insight into the details of my daily existence. But membership in another community website is the last thing I need. I'm already an active member of, and, to say nothing of my inactive account over at My online needs are pretty much filled. So, for Monica, here's a very mundane (and all-too bloggy) story about what I did today:

Today was the scheduled date for the midterm make-up exams for two of my university classes. I went to the campus and hung around for two hours. Nobody showed up, so I wrote "cellar door" on the board and went home.

There. Now, hopefully, Monica understands why I don't make a blog entry for every day of my life.

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jayjay23 said...

I dont think I'd ever get lost translating Scarlett....Im a pretty cunning linguist. Hey, did you see what i did there? Double entendre,with a twist..totally stuck the landing.

Anyway I linked to your page and I want you to know that the mere existence of "" not only justifies the advent of the "blog", but ennobles the hours Al Gore spent connecting the hundreds of tubes that comprise the internet.