Monday, December 19, 2016

Winter of fury

I use the phrase "month of fury" to describe any calendar month where complications, difficulties or outright tragedies seem to be concentrated. This year, we seem to be having an entire season of fury.

There has been drama at work that I don't want to talk about.

There was an election I don't even want to think about.

And I have been sick on and off since right after that election.

A sad side effect of all this (especially the last) is that I neglected my video-making endeavors for a large part of the month, and my blog updates along with them. So today I have a backlog of videos to share.

First, in Resident Evil 5, Chris and Sheva struggle against the Chainsaw Brothers, Charlie and...Cheston? I don't remember.

Then we go back to Ultra Street Fighter IV for a satisfying episode of Fight Meee! Feel the hype. (If you're wondering why there are only two episodes in Season 3 so far, it's only partly because I got sick. It has just as much to do with the fact that the PS4 USFIV online community is, shall we say, not the most active.)

Speaking of hype, here's what happens when three buddies with a no-nonsense approach to Overwatch party up and communicate via Facebook Messenger voice chat. Unfortunately I don't yet have the technology to capture our voices when we use this method, but I'm working on it.

And finally, this Christmas, give the gift of Aiden Pearce.

I will be pretty busy going into Christmas weekend, all the way into the first week of January, so apologies in advance if I don't post again until after that.

Happy xolidays! (After winning the War on Christmas, we moved on to the War on Holidays.)

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