Tuesday, May 06, 2014


A lil' (that's how you type "little" when you want to come across as cute and colloquial) update for yas (that's how to you type "y'all" when you don't want to sound Texan):

Apparently the King of Fighters Angel cosplayer I shot at last autumn's Tokyo Game Show was none other than Nonsummerjack (Non for short), a professional cosplay model who is famous among people who would know who somebody like Nonsummerjack is.

This was brought to my attention by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous, probably because he doesn't want to be identified as someone who would know who somebody like Nonsummerjack is.

Yup, that's her all right.
I now have the unfortunate distinction of being able to identify a cosplayer by name. Not only does this drop me down to a new depth in the Abyss of Geek Misery, knowing her name means I can no longer rightfully greet her with the command, "POSE FOR ME, WOMAN."

If I see her at the next TGS, I'll say, "POSE FOR ME, 'NON' WOMAN."

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