Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Happened with Big Walk 2011

The deepest Japanese apology I know is moushiwake arimasen, which literally means "I have no excuse." Not only is it a particularly apologetic apology, it's really convenient, as the claim that one has no excuse effectively negates the need to make up an excuse, which is usually a hassle. When it comes to my failure to report on Big Walk 2011 for nearly a year, I have no excuse.

The Seventh Annual Big Walk took place on May 5, 2011. And it was actually the biggest walk of them all to date, totaling a mighty 25.4 kilometers. One-time co-worker (and long-time co-walker) Craig and I took the "scenic" route south from Higashi Urawa Station through Warabi and Toda, across the Arakawa River. Then we followed the river east all the way to where it passes north of Senju, then cut north to Umejima for celebratory Mexican alimentos at El Sol.

[click to see a map of the route]

Why didn't I write about this monumental journey earlier? Because other than the record-breaking distance, there wasn't much to blog about. Neither Craig nor I took any interesting photos along the way. Well, unless you count this one, taken near Warabi Station:


Anyway, with Big Walk 2012 only a couple of weeks away, I thought it might be interesting to make one map showing the routes of all seven previous Big Walks. Here's what that looks like (click image to enlarge):

Big Walk 2012 is scheduled for April 8, weather permitting.

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