Saturday, March 19, 2011

Follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail

The French government has been quick to pull as many of its citizens out of Japan as possible during the Fukushima nuclear plant crisis. As an American, that would normally not make a difference one way or another for me. Wife, however, is employed by a French company, which has decided to move her entire team and their families to the company's Ho Chi Minh branch. And that's why this post is being written from a hotel room in Vietnam.

Neither of us feel good about this situation. Wife and I have essentially high-tailed it out of the so-called "danger zone" and left our friends, her family and many of my coworkers in Japan. Wife's family is a safe distance from the Fukushima radiation and my coworkers who have elected to stay are continuing their lives in a basically normal fashion (well, normal plus rolling blackouts), yet here we are, hiding.

Oh yeah. And I have no idea whether or not I'm putting myself in trouble with my own employer over this sudden absence, which is likely to last ten days.

The good news is that, with wife at work, I'll have nothing but time on my hands...and that means blog posts. See? Every cloud of radioactive particles has a silver lining.

I'm so tired I can barely think.

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