Monday, July 26, 2010

Jet Lag

Before we get into Day 2 of the Tunisia trip, a word about jet lag (which I have).

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, I went to bed past 3:00 AM with the intention of getting up at 10:00 AM. Instead, I slept until 2:00 PM. That left me in a difficult position. I needed to correct my sleeping pattern as quickly as possible, so as not to miss work on Monday morning.

With that in mind, I did my best to go to bed early last night. Of course, having slept more than ten hours the same day, falling asleep was an accomplishment I couldn't achieve until about two hours before my alarm went off. During those fleeting two hours, my brain concocted a dream in which I was a guest on a talk show hosted by Martin Short (wow, there's a name I don't often find myself uttering). Among the other guests on the show were a comedian named Supertrip Superspasm and a young blonde actress named Beautifuls.

After waking up, I could immediately identify Beautifuls as an original creation of my brain. But try as I may, I couldn't remember if Supertrip Superspasm was a real person or not. The name, believe it or not, really rang a bell. Somehow I had the idea there was this really popular comedian in the early 80's named Supertrip Superspasm, whose comedy was a little bit like that of Howie Mandel. This idea bugged me so much that I had to do a Google search of his name just to make sure.

Turns out, he's not real.


carey said...

Congratulations--You managed to successfully make me spit coffee out of my mouth this morning as I was reading about your vivid dreams! Wow--what an active imagination. Ben also had realistic dreams last night--buying and trading action figures from drug dealers and suppliers. Go figure.

b? said...

After coming back from the US I didn't have jet lag really, but I did have some crazy, vivid dreams. I often have those kinds of dreams and remember them upon waking, but the ones immediately after coming back from the US were exceptional. Maybe it's a travel thing.