Friday, February 20, 2009

Four PSP Games I Really Hope Don't Suck

Over the past couple of years I've been holding the PlayStation Portable to a standard which, unfortunately, it usually doesn't reach. Sony's powerful little bundle of portable fun, as I have said on several occasions, would be the perfect vehicle for countless titles (especially fighting and puzzle games) which, for what ever reason, never make it onto the PSP roster. But even in the face of repeated disappointment, I won't lose hope. This spring will see a handful of new PSP titles that currently have me crossing my fingers, knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder in hopes that they just don't suck too bad.

Title: Shin Sangokumusô: Multi Raid
Scheduled release: Feb. 26, 2009

Kôei, developers of about a thousand nearly identical action games set in Feudal China, will release what I hope will be a refreshing, new addition to the Musô family next week. This new title, sporting a healthy roster of 36 playable characters and placing a new emphasis on multiplayer gameplay, had better not suck because I'm probably going to buy it. (Hmmm, I should probably download the demo before I go shelling out any money.)

FUN FACT! The game's title was originally intended to be Shin Sangokumusô: Multi Revolution. Thank goodness Kôei realized this title was ridiculous and took the noble step of reducing its length by six whole letters. I'm hoping against hope that this game's sequel bears the title Shin Sangogkumusô: Panty Raid and involves stealing undergarments from Zhen Luo.

Title: Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE
Scheduled release: June 2009

This is a 3D fighting game with chaotic capitalization going on in its title. To be honest, I haven't allowed myself to get acquainted with Capcom's Fate franchise, but that's irrelevant. It's a fighting game. It has cute girls in it. It has more depth than the Bleach: Heat the Soul series. I WANT IT. And as such, I want it not to suck.

Title: Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable
Scheduled release: March 26, 2009

I spent a lot of time playing the PSP version of the first Disgaea game. If you can get past the foolishness this series tends to pass off as "humor," it's a solid turn-based strategy RPG with strong character design and astonishing depth. The successful release of Disgaea on PSP proves that this portable is a viable vehicle for a number of PS2-native titles.

Title: Sunday vs. Magazine: Taisen Action
Scheduled release: March 2009

Konami takes a cue from the highly successful Jump comic-based DS fighting franchise and offers this cel-shaded orgy of comic character fisticuffs. This fighting game combines licenses based on manga periodicals Shûkan Shônen Sunday and Shûkan Shônen Magazine. Expect characters from titles like Hajime no Ippo, Negima and InuYasha to come and represent.

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