Friday, September 28, 2007

Halo, Halo, Halo! Three, Three, Three!

September 27 marked the Japanese release of Bungie's Halo 3, the third installment of a game series on which Microsoft has depended very heavily for Xbox and Xbox 360 sales. As such, this third chapter is Bungie's biggest production number to date, attempting to give first-person shooter fans a pants-wettingly great experience.

So how are my pants, you ask? Drenched in joy, my friend.

Even though I don't consider myself a true fan of the FPS genre, Halo 3 has bought out the majority of shares of stock in my heart with its beautiful design, enjoyable campaign and solid multiplayer mode. And then it completes its hostile takeover of my favor with excellent extras.

When I say "extras," I'm basically just talking about Theater Mode, where players can revisit their recent multiplayer matches and capture clips and screenshots of their finest hours. I have said before that in-game camera functions are a gaming cliché that every game should have, so the ability to take hi-res stills of my character's antics, give them humorous captions and then upload them to Bungie's website (where they can be downloaded to my computer hard drive) is quite honestly the bee's proverbial knees. The veritable cat's pajamas.

The shiz-nit, if you will.

So now, on with the shiz-nit! Here are some shots taken from my very first Halo 3 multiplayer experince...a Slayer match in which an incredible stroke of beginners' luck gave me the power to pwn my oppwnents. (I'm the red guy.)

Join me in my ballet of death!

Why must I be sad?

Fleeing the scene of the pwn.

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drew said...

LOL (no, seriously) at "Fleeing the scene of the pwn."