Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nobody Cares Why You Tube

Go to and type "why do you tube" into the search field. Pick any of the resulting videos and get ready to be bored stiff by some idiot explaining why they make web videos of their own foreheads while they talk about what they ate for breakfast that day.

I swear to Lordy Gordy, everyone who posted a response to self-important cat owner "boh3m3" (who originally posed the question "Why Do You Tube?" and consequently felt really, really good about himself) delivered the exact same meaningless ramble about "putting myself out there" and "honing my video editing skills." They also consistently cite a desire to "interact with people"...even though I'm pretty sure their addiction to YouTube is a symptom of inability to interact with real-life, face-to-face human beings.

Boh3m3 takes credit for turning "tube" into a verb, but he's apparently too young to know that "toob" has been a verb at least since 1988.

Here it is: a real feel-the-burn exercise in internet-induced pain.


Chidori Ashi Kun said...

Did he say "The simple answer is I'm addicted" or "The simple answer is I'm a dickhead"?

Chidori Ashi Kun said...

By the way, Merry Christmas Jess