Monday, July 10, 2006

Portrait of a Badass: Pyramid Head

Character: Pyramid Head*
Actor: Roberto Campanella
Film: Silent Hill (2006)
Badass Moment: Pyramid Head puts an end to Anna and her mopey nonsense.

*I know he's called The Red Pyramid in the movie, but I've been calling him Pyramid Head ever since he scared me out of playing all the way through Silent Hill 2.

The film Silent Hill was released in Japan on Saturday, so after work today I hightailed it to the theater complex in Shinjuku Kabukicho to buy myself ¥1800 worth of big-screen trepidation. As a sometime lover of Konami's Silent Hill games ("lover" may not be the best word...our relationship was complicated), I was sceptical about its cinematic adaptation. I had decided that, in a best-case scenario, the movie would either be A) really scary, or B) faithful to the games. Imagine my delight/horror when it turned out to be C) both A and B.

The appearance of the sword-dragging, mannequin-humping executioner called Pyramid Head was only one of many sources of glee/terror to impress/startle me during the course of this spooky/freaky movie. It is, after all, hard to ignore crucial Silent Hill elements like the rusty chainlink locales, faceless nurses, killer children and, of course, Akira Yamaoka's Portishead-meets-Trent-Reznor's-washing-machine soundtrack. But Pyramid Head is one of the great video game villains, now standing among the likes of Gannon (The Legend of Zelda), Nemesis (Resident Evil 3) and Evil Otto (Berserk).

When his ugly mug (which, despite being a pyramid, is still somehow ugly) shows up on the big screen, a Silent Hill veteran like me can scarcely contain his enthusiasm/revulsion.

Pyramid Head, you are a geometrical badass. We salute/abhor you.

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XxDark-InsanityxX said...

hahaha i loved r- i mean pyramid head in the movie! Sorry i have a bad habit of calling him Red Pyramid cause that's what i've been calling him alot. Too bad he only shows up in about 3 scenes in the movie :( i wanted to see him more. HAHAA i HAVE the 2nd video game and it scares me soo much i need my friends to be with me when i play it. So far i'm stuck on the part where you have to dodge him in the hotel stairwell. I can't get past it because i keep staring at him and getting sliced in half :"D Oh well, sorry James guess i get too distracted >_>
GOOOSSSHHHHHH i LOVE Pyramid Head's slight chubbiness its soo cute!!! ^_^ those love handles are to DIE for! HAHA get it?!?!? DIE?!?!? HHAHAHAH okay yeah i'm stupid.......heh hehehehhahahhah. I'd love to have him use his great knife on me......i mean WHAT who said that?!?! >_> <_< well, i don't care if i get killed or raped or beaten to death or raped again by him since......i forgot. Oh well, hes a sexy geometrical badass that likes to kill and rape people...enough said.