Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring Has Sloshed

Haru ga kita, haru ga kita!
Doko ni kita?

Despite the unfortunate meteorological conspiracy to prevent me from doing my Big Walk, I did take advantage of this season's photogenic sakura trees as best I could. For example, here's a closeup from the nicest tree in my neighborhood, at the top of the hill leading down to Shimokitazawa:

Hmm. Admittedly very similar to a few of the pictures I took last year. Well, if that picture doesn't make you want to drink yourself unconscious in a public park, try these shots from last Saturday's trip to Inokashira Park in Kichijoji. El vino did flow (and so did el Esmirnov Ice):

The last picture is of a sign that reads, "Gomi wa omochikaeri wo!" ("Take your trash with you!") Seconds after I snapped this one, a young man walked up and drunkenly sang, "Gomi wa omochikaeri wo... bye-bye!" and then hurled his own trashbag onto the pile.

Inokashira Park is famous as a top picnic spot and potential "problem area" during hanami season. The crowds, the garbage, the noise, the police...spring is in the air!

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