Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Microsoft, You Unfeeling Monster!

Things are tough all over.

Girlfriend found out last week that her (very, very agreeable) temp position at Microsoft's Tokyo localization office will end with the opening of the new year. I'm sympathetic; a video game industry job in one of the best companies in the world is a hard thing to lose.

The good news is that, with her hitherto acquired experience, she has a sporting chance at getting into one of Microsoft's other Tokyo offices (there are three of them). What ever happens, she can proudly remember that, in her tenure with Microsoft up until now, she has been instrumental in the US-to-Japan localizations of Jade Empire for Xbox and Project Gotham Racing 3 for Xbox 360 (released tomorrow in the US, next month in Japan).

Ichi, ni, san, shi! Who do we appreciate? Girlfriend!

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